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When you constantly repeat the same sessions, and go through the same motions, it can at times feel monotonous.  If you felt like you are in a little bit of a rut lately or need some inspirations, then Mandi Nuttall of My Beauty Campaign, would love to share with you a way to add a burst of fresh air into your studio and your clients will just eat it up!

Are you ready to open the doors to the largest market out there?   I’m sure you are thinking, “Haven’t all the markets been hit?”   Fortunately, they have not and I would like to introduce you to the new phenomenon in photography that is sweeping the world.   Women.  I’m not referring to senior portraits, family photos or even boudoir, but all women.  Mothers, wives, single women, grandmothers and great grandmothers should all have a purpose for a tasteful portrait session.  However, it would take an extremely confident woman to walk into a studio and ask for a random photo shoot just for herself for no reason.  Now you can give her a reason, as well as drastically improve her life.  Are you ready for this?

Every woman can and should have a beautiful photo that she absolutely loves, a visual representation of her own transformation and personal beauty campaign.  We hope each woman will ultimately be able to say for herself, “This is My Beauty Campaign.”

My Beauty Campaign combines a new brand of photography within an entire experience that also improves a woman’s self-esteem and body image.   A Beauty Transformation helps a woman love who she is today, as well as the women she ultimately can become.  My Beauty Campaign is redefining the meaning of beauty to mean much more than a description of outward appearance; A beautiful woman is now a woman who feels beautiful.

Photographers simply give the woman the renowned Self Analysis Assignment prior to the photo shoot and she experiences most of her transformation on her own.  The photographer then incorporates the easy but effective exercises and techniques during the photo shoot where main focus of the session is not on the way she physically looks, but on what makes her feel beautiful.  The result is absolutely fulfilling for photographers as they are able to watch a woman blossom through the lens where she begins to believe she is beautiful!   It is so inspiring to read the experiences of the fabulous women who have undergone their own transformations, and you can find those testimonials on the main website.

Photographers around the world are joining this movement by becoming MBC Photographers and now offer Beauty Sessions to women in their area.  The message of the campaign is rapidly spreading to women of all shapes and sizes through the media and social networking, and incredible photographers are needed from all over to meet the high demand.  The Business, Marketing, and Workshop Kit includes licensing, provides step by step instructions on how to quickly become a successful MBC Photographer, and gives many resources and tools to easily incorporate the campaign into your business.  You will also be taught over 20 fantastic posing techniques to pose all kinds of body types that will help you with both your beauty sessions as well as all portrait sessions, and you will also learn to use creative methods during and after the session to help her feel natural, comfortable, real, and most importantly…beautiful.

This campaign has completely revamped my personal business.  What I love about the process of becoming a MBC Photographer is that it will make you a better person and such a better photographer.  The training will enlighten you on both technical and emotional levels.  By implementing Beauty Sessions into your studio, you will notice several things happening.  First off, you will dramatically increase your referrals for not only beauty sessions, but every type of photography you offer because you will be working with the best news spreaders there are.  Women!  You will also have a new energy about your business and I’m also confident you will become a better photographer.  You will be offering innovative and fresh sessions to your community and clients and you will stand out from your competition.  You will also be added to the global registry of MBC Photographers and when women in your area hear about the campaign in the media, they will be able to search for a photographer in their area and find you.

The Campaign is literally sweeping the world not only to photographers, but to all woman.  Woman are learning to love who they are right now; Not in 10 years, or 50lbs lighter…right now, and you can be a part of it!  Personally, I have had such incredible experiences working with these women and seeing them transform into confident women.  The positive emotions she feels throughout her journey are truly beautiful and you can be a part of it.

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