Newest Release! Custom Client Information Page Setup

Click here to purchase –  Limited time price of $200 (reg. $250)

We now offer setup of a Custom Client Information Page for your blog or blogsite!  This is a fantastic way to have all of your forms and information for your clients in one, easy to access, location.  We will work with you to create and customize a series of Client Information Pages to serve as your “digital Welcome Packet” for your clients.  Having everything digitally on your site allows you to make updates quickly and easily and doesn’t add the extra expense of re-printing anytime you make a change to your business model.

Most photographers include the following Client Pages (all of which are password protected):

  • Main Client Information Page
  • Session Guide
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Portrait Agreement

Here is a sample of the main, password protected Client Info Page:

Sample of the Session Guide Page (which will be customized based on your client process and experience):

We are happy to use your already created forms and embed them in your new Client Information Pages by setting them up through MachForms** or by having your forms downloadable through your site.  You will also have the option of purchasing our Buy It All Bundle for $125 (reg. $140) if you are in need of the forms and products to be used throughout your Client Pages. **Please note, purchase of the MachForms license and installation is not included.  Please visit to obtain the MachForms**

Sample of the Client Questionnaire page with MachForm embedded:

Once purchased, we will be in touch with you to begin working on your Client Info Pages. 

Due to the time investment of these setups, we will be taking a limited number of Setups per month.   Please contact us at with any questions!

Please note that these will be setup on your currently existing blog.  At this time we do not offer complete setup of new sites or blogs.  Wordpress and Blogger sites supported.  Please inquire with questions before purchasing.

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