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New Everyday Elements Button Are you a photographer that uses Photoshop Elements?  Do you struggle with how to best utilize all that PSE has to offer when it comes to editing?  Don’t even know where to begin and are completely overwhelmed?  Do you hear of all this talk about “actions” but not know how to use them in PSE and want to learn? Well, then we have the giveaway for you!

Everyday Elements, one of our fabulous sponsors, offers online workshops designed to help you learn how to use PSE for portrait editing. There are three different levels of classes, and also a class based solely on using actions, so you will definitely find one that meets your needs! Your workshop registration includes a two hour online workshop plus you also receive access to 15+ video tutorials for your level, five custom actions, and access to Amanda for continued assistance after the workshop.

As someone who started out by using Photoshop Elements, I wish I would’ve known about these fabulous workshops last year!  You CAN edit beautiful images in PSE and Amanda will teach you how!

Here are some great before and afters of edits that are taught in the Everyday Elements workshops:

how to edit photos in photoshop elements

The Giveaway: Everyday Elements is giving away a seat in one of their upcoming workshops!  Not a PSE user?  No worries!  If you win, you will receive Amanda’s awesome Deep Clean and Creative Action sets ($30 value)!

How to Enter: Please leave a comment on this post for each of the FIVE ways you can enter.

  1. Post a comment about what element of editing you struggle with
  2. “Like” Everyday Elements on Facebook
  3. “Like” Beyond the Shot on Facebook
  4. Tweet about this giveaway (sample tweet: “PSE Workshop Giveaway from Everyday Elements and @LeManiak at Beyond the Shot http://www.beyondtheshot.net”)
  5. Post on a photography forum about this giveaway

We will announce our winner on Monday, August 30th!  Good luck to all that enter!

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73 Responses to Everyday Elements Giveaway | Photoshop Elements Workshops for Photographers

  1. Sheila says:

    I struggle with finding a consisitent workflow….and SKINTONES!!! GRRRRRR

  2. Already a fan of Beyond the shot!!

  3. Became a fan of Everyday ELements!

  4. Stephanie says:

    The element of editing I struggle with most is getting stuck in a rut. I like to do clean edit and black & white, but I get stuck and sometimes don’t go beyond.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I “like” Everyday Elements on FB!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I “like” Beyond the Shot on FB!!

  7. I “Liked” the action set. Thank you!

  8. I already “Liked” Beyond the Shot! Love the info you provide!

  9. I am still wading through all PSE can do, so I’m not sure if I can pick one thing…Maybe how to brighten colors without overdoing it. I would love help in every part of editing! Thank you!

  10. Brittany T says:

    I “Like” Everyday Elements on Facebook!

  11. Cindy says:

    Seriously did not know PSE had actions. I use both PSE & PS CS4 I use the photoshop for my actions. But I love elements!

  12. Angela N. says:

    1. – i struggle with getting a good realistic but rich skin tone color. I also strugle with getting catchlights in the eyes to show.

    2. – liked
    3. – liked
    4. – tweeted
    5… dont belong to a forum.. there are forums out there? gasp!

  13. Lori Oatman says:

    I liked Everyday Elements on facebook

  14. Lori Oatman says:

    I liked Beyond the Shot on Facebook 🙂

  15. Lori Oatman says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway http://twitter.com/lorimart_

  16. Lori Oatman says:

    I struggle with finding a black and white that I’m happy with…. I love the B/W photos to pop! Thanks for so many chances to win 🙂

  17. I struggle with getting skin really smooth after removing blemishes!

  18. I already “like” Everyday Elements on facebook!

  19. I already “like” Beyond the Shot on facebook!

  20. alicia says:

    LIke Everyday Elements!

  21. alicia says:

    LIke’s beyond the shot!

  22. alicia says:

    I have a hard time using the actions that have layers too them!
    I need to find the time to figure it out!

  23. Heather Dost says:

    I struggle with not over doing it and workflow.

  24. Heather Dost says:

    “Liked” Everyday Elements on Facebook

  25. Heather Dost says:

    “Liked” Beyond the Shot on Facebook

  26. Christine says:

    I struggle with skin tone also. Looks like several of us do. 🙂

  27. Christine says:

    Already a fan of Everyday Elements!!

  28. jennifer says:

    I struggle with trying to do airbrushed looking “perfect” skin on someone with PSE. I don’t want it to look fake, just like their skin is flawless!

  29. Christine says:

    Liked Beyond the Shot!

  30. jennifer says:

    just liked Everyday Elements on FB!

  31. jennifer says:

    like beyond the shot on fb

  32. Michelle Moncure says:

    1-I am lost in Photoshop. I just need to hit the ground running and understand the basics.
    2-Like Everyday Elements

  33. Vicki says:

    I tweeted!!

  34. Vicki says:

    I already like Everyday Elements on Facebook.

  35. Carol says:

    I just “liked” you on facebook . . . guess that makes me one of your many likers : )

  36. Kristen Springer says:

    Already “Like” Everday Elements
    Just “liked” BTS
    I struggle with skin tone….. : (

  37. Sada says:

    I just started figuring out the world of actions so I am taking any help I can get!!

  38. Kristin says:

    I’m very new to PSE and photography, I think my greatest struggle right now is over-processing my photos. I go a little too crazy with the actions! I need to learn how to bring out just the best 🙂

  39. Kristin says:

    I already “like” Everday Elements on FB

  40. Kristin says:

    I “like” Beyond the Shot on FB

  41. I’m a fan of Beyond the Shot!

  42. I “like” Everyday Elements 🙂

  43. Ooooh, I struggle with it all. I do most of my editing in Lightroom and have a very limited knowledge of anything Photoshop. I have had Elements for two years and still don’t know how to work with it 🙁

  44. Sabra McKibbon says:

    I already liked (love!) Everyday Elements. Adding Love That Shot to my likes. My editing struggles? I tend to um, overdo my actions. Need to learn how to edit more cleanly, yet still get that pop that I love.

  45. Amy says:

    I’m learning so much lately that I don’t have much struggling with editing. I did struggle with balancing out color and white balance and feel that I still have a lot to learning about each.

  46. Amy says:

    I like Everyday Elements on FB!! :0)

  47. Amy says:

    I already like Beyond the Shot on FB!

  48. Angela Wagstaff says:

    I struggle with layers still.

  49. Angela Wagstaff says:

    I liked everyday elements.

  50. Angela Wagstaff says:

    I liked beyond the shot.

  51. Kim B says:

    The thing I struggle with the most right now is skin tone, I’m good but not great yet.

  52. Kim B says:

    I like everyday elements on facebook

  53. Kim B says:

    I like beyond the shot on facebook

  54. Gina Stone says:

    The hardest thing for me is keeping the skin tones the same when editing photos I want to use together..

  55. Lisa says:

    I am a follower of bts on fb!

  56. Lisa says:

    I always want better, cleaner, sharper color that pops! thanks for hosting this!

  57. Vicki says:

    1. always have trouble getting nice sharper pictures and also bringing out the colour of my subject more so it is more realistic….
    2. ‘liked’ Everyday Elements on FB
    3. ‘liked’ Beyond the Shot on FB
    4. Tweeted…..(tweet name is ‘DigiLover’)
    5. Posted on Digital Photography School forum (under forum name ‘DigiLover’)

    will also post on my blog.

    thank you for the opportunity.

  58. Kristi says:

    I often struggle with finding a consistent workflow…

  59. Kristi says:

    Im a fan of beyond the shot on FB

  60. Kristi says:

    Im a fan of Everyday elements on FB

  61. Cynthia Walker says:

    I already like Everyday Elements on Facebook

  62. Cynthia Walker says:

    I already Like Beyond the Shot on Facebook.

  63. Cynthia Walker says:

    I have a hard time know what order to do things.

  64. Volree says:

    I liked Beyond on FB

  65. Volree says:

    I already “liked” everyday elements on FB

  66. Volree says:

    I am having issues with white balance and a picture being too bright.. also with skin tone corrections

  67. Christina says:

    I struggle with not over doing it and also just layers in general unless I use an action.

  68. Christina says:

    I already “like” everyday elements on fb…

  69. Christina says:

    I “like” beyond the shot on fb.

  70. PatriciaD says:

    Wow, I love both examples. I struggle with taking a photo that I think is sort of ok and not knowing what to try to make it superb.

  71. PatriciaD says:

    Ooooh, I like your FB page on “Beyond the Shot” and I “liked” it, too….hahaha

  72. Angela Murphy Photography says:

    I “Liked” Beyond the Shot and Everyday Elements on Facebook!! I would love to learn so much more! I too struggle with skintones and I’d like a way to speed up my workflow! Whoever wins will be a lucky person indeed! 🙂

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