Wow your Clients with StickyAlbums!

We would like to introduce you to our newest Featured Sponsor, Stickyalbums!  They were kind enough to put together a summary of what they have to offer and we are also having a giveaway for a free 1 Year Professional Membership ($178 value)!  So, be sure to read all the way through the post to find out how to enter into this fantastic giveaway!  Now…onto the good stuff… lets you finally create custom digital photo album – mobile apps – that your clients can save to and – share from – their iPhones and iPads.

As a professional photographer myself, the inspiration for stickyalbums came from wanting to do something unique and special for my high-school senior clients.  Wallet prints used to be our bread and butter.  But more and more my clients started ordering less prints and caring more about getting (or stealing) digital images for their phones and Facebook.

Additionally, giving out custom business cards to my senior reps was getting more expesive and returning less and less business.  Finally my little cousin who was a senior at the time clued me in.  “Oh no – I have no time for paper – I will lose those.”  It turns out most of my clients were too.

I knew I could no longer afford to ignore the trends. I needed to deliver my images to where my clients wanted them most – on their phones, and in a way that they would be excited to share them.  The response from not just my high-school senior clients – but ALL of my clients was so great – I new I had to find a way to provide this same tool to other photographers. So I founded stickyalbums.

The mobile revolution is now:

Can you afford to ignore this data?

Are you frustrated with your other marketing efforts? Continuing to offer bigger  discounts and free prints will continue to attract bargain hunting customers.  Use custom apps to put your most valuable asset – your customers – to work for you.  With a professional membership you can create unlimited stickyalbums.  This way you can create a free “sneak peak” app with 9-12 images for each of your clients to promote and share with their friends and family, and then sell them a full album ala carte at a premium or only attached to your premium print packages.

Visit us at to learn more and get the free demo app on your own iPhone or iPad. Then sign-up for a free trial and build your first stickyalbum on us.

We were excited to try this out for ourselves and I have to say that this is really an amazing offering for clients!  I can’t wait to surprise my clients with their very own mobile albums of their favorite photos from their session!  You’re welcome to check out our album to see StickyAlbums in action!  Just click this link with your mobile device or tablet: Sample StickyAlbum  How cool is that?

Our friends over at were kind enough to offer you all a fantastic giveaway of a One Year Professional Membership ($178 value)!

We have 3 ways for you to enter.  Please leave a comment after you have completed each entry.

1) Like stickyalbums on facebook:

2) Follow @stickyalbums on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway! (sample tweet: Win a One Year Pro Membership to @stickyalbums from Beyond the Shot!  Then comment with your twitter handle.

3) Create a free trial stickyalbum – and share the link to it in the comments.

This giveaway will close Monday night at midnight Central time and we will randomly draw a winner from the comments and post the winner next week!

Now…go get sticky! 🙂

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Transform your Photography Business with My Beauty Campaign

When you constantly repeat the same sessions, and go through the same motions, it can at times feel monotonous.  If you felt like you are in a little bit of a rut lately or need some inspirations, then Mandi Nuttall of My Beauty Campaign, would love to share with you a way to add a burst of fresh air into your studio and your clients will just eat it up!

Are you ready to open the doors to the largest market out there?   I’m sure you are thinking, “Haven’t all the markets been hit?”   Fortunately, they have not and I would like to introduce you to the new phenomenon in photography that is sweeping the world.   Women.  I’m not referring to senior portraits, family photos or even boudoir, but all women.  Mothers, wives, single women, grandmothers and great grandmothers should all have a purpose for a tasteful portrait session.  However, it would take an extremely confident woman to walk into a studio and ask for a random photo shoot just for herself for no reason.  Now you can give her a reason, as well as drastically improve her life.  Are you ready for this?

Every woman can and should have a beautiful photo that she absolutely loves, a visual representation of her own transformation and personal beauty campaign.  We hope each woman will ultimately be able to say for herself, “This is My Beauty Campaign.”

My Beauty Campaign combines a new brand of photography within an entire experience that also improves a woman’s self-esteem and body image.   A Beauty Transformation helps a woman love who she is today, as well as the women she ultimately can become.  My Beauty Campaign is redefining the meaning of beauty to mean much more than a description of outward appearance; A beautiful woman is now a woman who feels beautiful.

Photographers simply give the woman the renowned Self Analysis Assignment prior to the photo shoot and she experiences most of her transformation on her own.  The photographer then incorporates the easy but effective exercises and techniques during the photo shoot where main focus of the session is not on the way she physically looks, but on what makes her feel beautiful.  The result is absolutely fulfilling for photographers as they are able to watch a woman blossom through the lens where she begins to believe she is beautiful!   It is so inspiring to read the experiences of the fabulous women who have undergone their own transformations, and you can find those testimonials on the main website.

Photographers around the world are joining this movement by becoming MBC Photographers and now offer Beauty Sessions to women in their area.  The message of the campaign is rapidly spreading to women of all shapes and sizes through the media and social networking, and incredible photographers are needed from all over to meet the high demand.  The Business, Marketing, and Workshop Kit includes licensing, provides step by step instructions on how to quickly become a successful MBC Photographer, and gives many resources and tools to easily incorporate the campaign into your business.  You will also be taught over 20 fantastic posing techniques to pose all kinds of body types that will help you with both your beauty sessions as well as all portrait sessions, and you will also learn to use creative methods during and after the session to help her feel natural, comfortable, real, and most importantly…beautiful.

This campaign has completely revamped my personal business.  What I love about the process of becoming a MBC Photographer is that it will make you a better person and such a better photographer.  The training will enlighten you on both technical and emotional levels.  By implementing Beauty Sessions into your studio, you will notice several things happening.  First off, you will dramatically increase your referrals for not only beauty sessions, but every type of photography you offer because you will be working with the best news spreaders there are.  Women!  You will also have a new energy about your business and I’m also confident you will become a better photographer.  You will be offering innovative and fresh sessions to your community and clients and you will stand out from your competition.  You will also be added to the global registry of MBC Photographers and when women in your area hear about the campaign in the media, they will be able to search for a photographer in their area and find you.

The Campaign is literally sweeping the world not only to photographers, but to all woman.  Woman are learning to love who they are right now; Not in 10 years, or 50lbs lighter…right now, and you can be a part of it!  Personally, I have had such incredible experiences working with these women and seeing them transform into confident women.  The positive emotions she feels throughout her journey are truly beautiful and you can be a part of it.

 Because Beyond the Shot is so awesome, we are offering readers a $50 Discount off the MBC Kits but only on kits purchased before December 20th!  Use the discount code: ShotMBC50 at checkout.  For more information on the campaign, visit:

Here is an even better deal!

To enter, click here!

Free Posing Guide Download!  Get a little sample of the posing guides included in the MBC Book!

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Newest Release! Custom Client Information Page Setup

Click here to purchase –  Limited time price of $200 (reg. $250)

We now offer setup of a Custom Client Information Page for your blog or blogsite!  This is a fantastic way to have all of your forms and information for your clients in one, easy to access, location.  We will work with you to create and customize a series of Client Information Pages to serve as your “digital Welcome Packet” for your clients.  Having everything digitally on your site allows you to make updates quickly and easily and doesn’t add the extra expense of re-printing anytime you make a change to your business model.

Most photographers include the following Client Pages (all of which are password protected):

  • Main Client Information Page
  • Session Guide
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Portrait Agreement

Here is a sample of the main, password protected Client Info Page:

Sample of the Session Guide Page (which will be customized based on your client process and experience):

We are happy to use your already created forms and embed them in your new Client Information Pages by setting them up through MachForms** or by having your forms downloadable through your site.  You will also have the option of purchasing our Buy It All Bundle for $125 (reg. $140) if you are in need of the forms and products to be used throughout your Client Pages. **Please note, purchase of the MachForms license and installation is not included.  Please visit to obtain the MachForms**

Sample of the Client Questionnaire page with MachForm embedded:

Once purchased, we will be in touch with you to begin working on your Client Info Pages. 

Due to the time investment of these setups, we will be taking a limited number of Setups per month.   Please contact us at with any questions!

Please note that these will be setup on your currently existing blog.  At this time we do not offer complete setup of new sites or blogs.  Wordpress and Blogger sites supported.  Please inquire with questions before purchasing.

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Learning to Click is Here!!

Do you have clients and friends asking you how to use their DSLR’s?  Have you considered teaching others how to use their cameras to capture their everyday lives?  Then our latest product, Learning to Click is for you!

Learning to Click, is a complete course package that enables photographers to get out there and teach others how to use their cameras to effectively take better photos in their everyday lives.

DeAnn Arnold of DeAnn Arnold Photography has partnered with us to create a 65 page Workbook, Guide for Photographers and complete PowerPoint Presentation of her highly successful course that she teaches to clients and friends in her area.

What’s included?

  • Guide for Photographers – tips and advice on how to setup your class, how to price, etc.
  • 65 page Course Workbook – gives great details and many photo examples for your students to reference, even after the class is over
  • Complete PowerPoint Presentation slides – designed to match the Workbook and provides you with a professional presentation for your students

But WHY would I want to train others to possibly be my competition?
These materials were not created with the intent of training your competition or encouraging them to start their own photography business.  Rather, they are created in a way that will teach them how to shoot with better results, while giving them a whole new level of appreciation for the work that you do!

In DeAnn’s experience of teaching this course, she has found that many of her client respect her even more because they understand that it’s not easy to get great results.  That there is a lot of knowledge and education that goes into taking a great shot and it’s not something that “just anyone” can do!  In no way does this course describe how to setup a new photography business or even address how one would even begin.

Visit the Shop to purchase for the Introductory price of $195!

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Portrait Agreement Update & Rock the Shot!

We have been working hard to revise and update our Portrait Agreement for the new year and it’s just about ready!  I am excited to tell those that have purchased the agreement in the past that you will receive the updated Agreement via email as soon as it’s ready, so keep an eye out for that coming soon!  It will be sent to the email address that we have on file from your original purchase.  We will only be able to send to that email address due to the nature of the product, so we appreciate your understanding.

Have you heard about the new hip and happenin’ place for photographers yet?  The Rock the Shot Forum is now open and accepting new members!  The thing I am loving about this forum is that it’s more for photographers that are already in business.  And there are some fantastic veteran photogs over there as well sharing so much great information!

I’m ManiakMama over there and would love to have you join me to take your photography business to the next level!
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